Blarney Heights Farm

Blarney Heights Farm is located at the gateway to the picturesque Tobacco Valley in Northwestern Montana, nestled amongst pines, firs, larch and aspen trees, overlooking the towering Whitefish and Purcell Mountains.

Here at Blarney Heights Farm we raise Dexter Cattle, also known as “Irish Dexters.” All of our Dexters feed on the native grasses and forage found on our pastures and are never provided grains or commercially produced feed, assuring the meat purchased from Blarney Heights Farm is of the highest quality in both health benefits, quality and a gourmet taste. Dexter cattle are a heritage breed known for their gentle dispositions, compact size, excellent foraging ability, and their phenomenal beef, all while being raised solely on an all-natural, grass-fed diet. They are an excellent candidate for the sustainable, regenerative, and traditional form of cattle farming implemented here at Blarney Heights Farm. 

We are honored to play a role in the preservation of this heritage breed of cattle from Ireland, and to be a sustainable, community-oriented, artisanal farm for all to enjoy. 

As Montanans, we are proud members of the Made in Montana and Grown in Montana movement. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and check us out on Facebook  for all the latest news and updates.

We thank you for your business and for visiting Blarney Heights Farm.