Blarney Heights Farm

Blarney Heights Farm is located in beautiful Northwestern Montana, nestled amongst pines, firs, larch and aspen trees, overlooking the towering the Mission Mountains.

Blarney Heights Farm Transportation, a veteran-owned business, offers first-class small livestock transportation services throughout the United States, with transportation routes leaving monthly. Our custom-built livestock trailer is specifically designed with small livestock comfort and safety in mind, featuring climate controlled individual pens, capable of accommodating all goat and sheep breeds, livestock dogs, and other small livestock breeds. Please Contact Us with your questions and for a free rate quote.

Here at Blarney Heights Farm, we raise heritage breed livestock, specializing in Dexter Cattle and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Both of these heritage breeds are known for their gentle dispositions, smaller stature, and hardy, adaptable nature, making them ideal small acreage and homesteading livestock. We also raise several types of heritage breed chickens and livestock guardian dogs. All of our livestock are raised on all-natural, grass fed diets and are provided fresh, clean, spring-fed water sourced right here from our property. Our livestock are not provided commercial feeds, grain, or fillers. All of our Dexters are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association and our Nigerian Dwarfs are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.

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We thank you for your business and for visiting Blarney Heights Farm.