Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Blarney Heights Farm, our customers often ask similar questions, and for good reason! Many people would like to know more about us, our farming practices, the livestock we raise, and our livestock transportation services. We have compiled a list of the most common questions we receive to better assist you, but we understand each customer is unique, so we encourage you to Contact Us if you have additional questions!

What livestock is raised, and sold, at Blarney Heights Farm?

Here at Blarney Heights Farm, we specialize in heritage breed livestock, specifically Dexter, or Irish Dexter, cattle, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We chose heritage breed livestock for their hardy nature, their ability to forage more efficiently, good temperament, lower likelihood of disease and illness, and relatively easy birthing. As an added benefit, we are actively preserving livestock which have had little human intervention into their breeding, genetics, and bloodlines. We are continuously updating our page and encourage you to check back often for our current list of Livestock for Sale.

Does Blarney Heights Farm offer farm tours?

This question is asked with increasing regularity, as Americans seem to be less interested in the “city life” and would like to learn more about farming. Whether it is a new hobby of yours, or you want to start your own farm and raise your family in the traditional lifestyle those of us in rural America enjoy, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and share some of our experiences with you, so please Contact Us to find out more!

What type of livestock can I have transported by Blarney Heights Farm?

Blarney Heights Farm Transportation specializes in small livestock transportation, catering to all breeds of goats, sheep, livestock guardian dogs, mini horses, and other small livestock. Contact Us for any questions regarding what livestock you need to have transported.

Why should I choose Blarney Heights Farm Transportation?

This is a very fair question, especially with the many great livestock transporters in the United States to choose from. We provide you, and your livestock, with a service above and beyond what you would expect of a livestock hauler. Our truck and trailer are state-of-the-art, reliable, and custom built to provide your livestock a first-class experience, with emphasis placed on their safety and comfort during their journey.

We believe communication is a major key to our success and provide you daily updates on your livestock’s condition and their current location on their journey. We strive to always be available to both you, the shipper, and to your buyer, for any questions that may arise during transport of your livestock.

As farmers ourselves, you can rest assured we are prepared to handle all forms of livestock we accommodate in our trailer, and are well qualified to provide your livestock with the same high level of care we provide our own livestock. We stop as often as feasible to check on your livestock, provide them with food and water, and will even download them from the trailer, at your discretion and under close supervision, to allow them a chance to “stretch their legs.” We guarantee your livestock will arrive to their final destination well cared for, assuring they experience as little stress as possible during their journey.

We value our customers, and treat them with the highest level of respect, as if they were our own family. We know your time is valuable, so we strive to be punctual to all pickup and drop off locations.

Please be sure to check out our Livestock Transportation page to find out what else sets us ahead of the competition.

What is the cost to have Blarney Heights Farm transport my livestock?

This is the question customers most often ask. The price will vary based on numerous factors, such as: type/breed of livestock, sex and age of livestock, size of livestock, special considerations for your livestock (i.e., “bottle babies,” lactating livestock), and mileage between pickup and drop off locations. These factors, in addition to our operating costs, are represented in our quoted prices. Having said that, our prices are very reasonable for the first-class service we provide.

Is Blarney Heights Farm Transportation a registered livestock transportation business in good standing with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)?

Blarney Heights Farm Transportation operates under USDOT #3209525. We have always maintained an impeccable record with the USDOT and we strictly abide by all rules and regulations governing livestock transporters under the USDOT.

What locations does Blarney Heights Farm Transportation deliver to and where can I find your transportation routes?

We operate from our farm in Northwestern Montana, so all routes will originate, and conclude, at our farm. We travel throughout the contiguous United States, the “Lower 48,” and strive to travel to as many different states as possible during a transportation route to best serve our customers. Each route may be slightly different than the previous, or the next, but all of them travel on major Interstate Freeways, or major State Highways. We travel these major roadways to deliver our customers’ livestock to their destination along the most efficient routes. Our transportation routes are typically posted 30 to 40 days in advance to allow our customers adequate time to arrange transport, and coordinate with their buyers (i.e., a route posted in the middle of April will leave in the middle of May). All of our transportation routes are posted to our Blarney Heights Farm Transportation Facebook page, in addition to being shared in various groups and forums on Facebook.