Livestock Transportation

Blarney Heights Farm offers first-class livestock transportation throughout the United States. As farmers ourselves, animal care and safety is our highest priority. The same care and attention we provide our own livestock will be provided to your livestock while being transported to their new homes. We understand transportation of livestock is a stressful experience, both to the owner and the animal, so we have taken great care to ensure this process is as streamlined as possible. And unlike other livestock transporters, Blarney Heights Farm Transportation is licensed and insured, and is a registered livestock transportation company with the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT #3209525).


We specialize in the transportation of all breeds of goats and sheep, livestock dogs and other small-breed livestock. Our custom-built livestock trailer was designed specifically around small-breed livestock, with special attention focused on the comfort and safety of the animals we transport.  Our trailer has 10 spacious individual pens, which each providing 16 square feet of floor space for your animals. Each pen has separate watering systems, providing fresh water to your animals. The livestock area is climate controlled, with overhead air conditioning and heating units, 10 ceiling vents with fans, and each pen has a separate exterior wall vent to provide fresh air during transport. The interior roofing of our trailer is fully insulated, to further seal out the heat or cold. Our livestock trailer is outfitted to maximize natural lighting to ensure your animals are not in the stressful surroundings of a dark, unknown environment with other livestock. Our trailer is fully lined with thick, non-slip rubber flooring to ensure your animals have maximum traction, for their safety and comfort, during their transportation. For ease of loading and unloading your livestock, our trailer has two loading ramps, one on the side and one at the rear. The livestock area also is equipped with three different egress routes, ensuring your animals will have a safe route to exit the trailer in the unlikely event of an emergency. The trailer also has a large mid-tack room, capable of storing your provided feed and equipment for your animals.


During the transportation of your animals, you will be given daily updates, including their location and condition. In addition, you will be provided daily photographs and/or videos of your animals, giving you the peace of mind they are well cared for on their journey to new homes. We will always be available via cell phone, text message, or email throughout the transportation process to ensure you are completely satisfied with Blarney Heights Farm Transportation. Unlike larger livestock transportation companies, where speed and high volume transportation is their bottom line, Blarney Heights Farm Transportation will ensure your animals will be given a “break” during transportation every 3 to 5 hours, dependent on weather, traffic, and road conditions. During this time, we will inspect your animals, ensure they are provided with fresh water, and given the option to eat the feed or hay which you provide us. Once your animals have reached their final destination, you will be updated with this information. Our goal is to keep you thoroughly informed throughout the entire transportation process, all while providing your animals with the first-class treatment our customers have come to expect from Blarney Heights Farm Transportation.


Blarney Heights Farm Transportation makes deliveries throughout the contiguous United States, with transportation routes leaving at least once a month. All of our transportation routes will originate, and terminate, at our farm in Northwestern Montana. Our routes follow major highway systems for the safety of the livestock and to satisfy the maximum amount of customers; however, pickup and delivery locations can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Our routes, which routinely change, are posted monthly to this page, in addition to our Facebook page, Blarney Heights Farm Transportation.


The most common question we receive is “What is your rate to transport my goat from A to Z?” Blarney Heights Farm Transportation offers competitive rates, with no hidden fees. Our rates provided to our customers reflect our operating and fuel costs, but also the breed of livestock to be transported, the distance traveled, and if special care is needed for said livestock (i.e. “bottle babies,” lactating does, etc).  Please contact us on Facebook, or on our Contact Us page. We will respond to calls, text messages, and emails, as well as Facebook messages, as soon as possible. All rates and fees will be agreed upon, and approved by the customer, prior to reserving a spot in the trailer for your animals.